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Current projects

The Cambooya Landcare Association is always working on projects which align with our key objectives. Our current and recent projects are summarised below. Keep up to date with progress of these projects, and be involved by coming to our general meetings, and following us on Facebook.
Umbiram Creek - Template for future resilience and recovery
$10,900.00 funded by Queensland Government, Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy. Commenced 28 February 2023
This project seeks to undertake a drone survey to provide a detailed view of topology of land adjoining Umbiram Creek at Cambooya. This information will then be used to inform management decisions on this land to better benefit the condition of Umbiram Creek and waters downstream. Find out more about this project by reading the Case Study.
Nest Boxes
$6993.80 funded by Toowoomba Regional Council Environment Grants. Commenced 2023.
This has evolved to become a joint project between Cambooya Landcare and the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ). The project has allowed Landcare to purchase 10 specially designed nest boxes made by Habitech for installation at the woodland at the UniSQ Toowoomba campus. UniSQ plans to use cameras to monitor the nest boxes. A webinar was held on 28 February 2024 to discuss the nest boxes and potential projects associated with them. A handy guide for installing nesting boxes (and wildlife cameras) can be referred to here
Cambooya Railway Grassland Reserve Project
$3,380.00 funded by Toowoomba regional Council. 13 June 2016 to ?
The Grassland Reserve near the railway, just north of Cambooya is a small scientific reserve which is home to various threatened flora and fauna. This projects aims to help manage Johnson Grass in the area. Vegetation surveys are to be conducted in the area.
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