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The Cambooya Landcare Association is always working on projects which align with our key objectives. Our current and recent projects are summarised below. Keep up to date with progress of these projects, and be involved by coming to our general meetings, and following us on Facebook.
Protection of Cambooya Land
Land protection.jpg
 This project, funded by the Federal Government's Communities Environment Program, will work to protect up to
40 ha of sloping country and/or waterways in the Cambooya Landcare region by fencing, revegetating, and developing suitable management plans in order to increase perennial groundcover and slow rainfall runoff.
This will reduce erosion and damage to the environment within the Eastern Downs region.
Enhancing Biodiversity Values of Roadside Reserves Around Cambooya
This project is funded through the Commonwealth Communities Environment Program. It aims to undertake weed removal, revegetation and fencing to effectively expand the width of roadside corridors along the Toowoomba-Karara Road south of Cambooya. This is a pilot project, which we hope to build on over time to build habitat and native vegetation corridors within the region. More on this concept can be found here.

Federation Park Restoration Project
Federation park.jpg
Toowoomba Regional Council has funded a project to improve the vegetation at Federation Park at Vale View.
A weed control community day was held in August 2019 where volunteers undertook hand weed removal to improve the condition of the native vegetation. The day also included an information session on weed identification, weed treatment methods and a workshop on making seed balls.
In February 2021 a volunteer day was held where native species were planted to compliment the existing vegetation. The seed balls made during the previous volunteer day were also spread around the Park.
Landcare Office Improvements Project
Funding from Toowoomba Regional Council, has assisted in improvements to the Cambooya Landcare Office, including a new front garden and Street Library constructed by Geoffrey from YellowBridge.
Cambooya Railway Grassland Reserve Project
The Grassland Reserve near the railway, just north of Cambooya is a small scientific reserve which is home to various threatened flora and fauna. Vegetation surveys are to be conducted in the area.
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